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Bad Salzungen

Bad Salzungen is in the middle of Germany. In scenic surroundings, between the Rhön and the Thuringian Forest, in the Werra. In the city invite beautiful parks and the picturesque castle sea walking.

The heart of the spa, the graduation is one of the most beautiful in Germany and since the opening of the Celts bath in 2000 a unique experience for health and wellness.


16 553 (as of 31 12th 2004 Thuringian State Office for Statistics)


3905.81 ha


Born hollow, Kaltenborn, monastery, Langenfeld, Wildprechtrod


B 62 dominant, B 19 - 2 km, B 84 - 12 km
BAB 4 Eisenach 25 km
BAB 4 Friedewald 20 km
Bahnhof Bad Salzungen - siding
Eisenach-Kindel airfield about 35 km
Erfurt Airport, 82 km
General information

Middle center, county, Army location, historic downtown, health spas, sports and leisure facilities, tennis courts, parks, designated residential, commercial,
Social and tourism infrastructure

Primary and normal schools, high schools, day care centers, special schools and special, Klinikum Bad Salzungen, medical centers, retirement homes, vocational training center


Our office is located on the southwestern outskirts of Bad Salzungen in Thüri Business Park, directly behind the EON power station.

We are in the main building on the ground floor right. For our customers aussreichend free parking spaces are available.

About a visit for its part, we would be delighted.

Office hours

Monday-Friday: 8.00 am – 17.00 pm
Other dates on request.